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Challenge: Design and complete a mobimission. Taken from the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 59


Camera phone


Mobimissions is a game in which players use camera mobile phones to create, share and reply to real time missions. Missions and their responses are defined by sequences of digital photographs and text messages.

A complicated Mobimission needs a lot of forward planning. In essence they are a 21st century treasure hunt.

• Define your central mobile phone and number. This will be the narrator for the game, make sure everyone knows this number.

• Decide on a location to play the game, e.g. town centre, park (make sure you can get a constant reception).

• Set the task. The opportunities really are endless. You can set challenges from take a picture that sums up your view on life, to take a picture of a squirrel, to go to a certain grid reference and solve a puzzle.

• On completion, the players need to send their answer or picture back to the narrator, who in turn on the correct completion of the task, sends out the next challenge. It is necessary to have each task or challenge ready to be sent out to the participants.

• After a series of challenges have been set, make each team return to the narrator’s central location. The first team there is the winner.

Tips / Advice:
• Try and be as creative as possible, there really are many different things that could be done,
• Set a time period on the challenge, and arrange beforehand a central meeting point.

Safety Issues I Risk Assessment:
• Don’t take any unnecessary risks, always work in teams of at least three.
• Make sure the mobile phone is fully recharged.
• Check for reception in the area of the challenge.
• Ensure that everyone is familiar with the central meeting point.


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