District Competition Skills Camp

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Scout Competition Skills Camp


Tent, food, stove, personal kit


Location: will be held at Boar Fold in Charlesworth.
Dates: on the 7/10 to 9/10
Friday -
Set up from 5pm.
Tea time 8pm - Friday evening leaders meeting:
9pm PL meeting
9.15 wide game and first inspection

Sat -
flag break 9am
Bases: 9.30am - 45 min bases

9am- Flag break
9.15- 11am build time
11am -1pm: Scrap heap challenge

Bases are:
- First Aid
- Nijer pitching
- Problem Solving (Semaphores were suggested for this. I can get the kit if whoever is running the base fancies it )
- Orienteering
- Knife, Axe and Saw (The idea is to set up a cutting area and show knowledge and safety methods for using knife axe and saw, then as a team they have to make a wood pile for fire lighting (which will be the immediate next base) so they can be marked not just on quantity, but on making the correct bits to start a fire.
- Fire lighting (using the wood they'll have gathered at the last base)
- Air Rifles / Archery
- Cooking (this will be on trangias this year, so make sure your scouts know how to use them - we have a few we can bring, but if you have your own please bring them). We may do this all at the same time rather than a base depending on time.
-Knots/pioneering (whoever is running the base can come up with the knots list, or I can do it - if you want to run this base, let me know asap so we can get a knots list out to groups).

Breaks throughout the day.
Volunteers for running bases are welcome. The longer you leave it, the more chance you'll be doing first aid ;)
There's a campfire song competition on the Saturday night too.

We'll also probably need a wide game Friday night and a campfire sing song Saturday if anyone fancies running those Quinny.

We have the whole of the campsite, plus the use of the building - so there is some indoor accommodation (although I've not seen indoors before, so not sure what it's like).

Price for scouts is £12 (this may come down by a couple of quid - at the moment it includes a bit toward a new trophy as the regular one is full now, I've asked Andy Morton and Alan Fish to see if there's any money out there we can use so fingers crossed).

Price for leaders is £20 including fees and food.

Scrap Heap details to follow, I've asked Craig if he'd like to run it so its impartial, just waiting to hear back from him.

NAN forms to be completed by individual groups.

Scoring structure will be same as usual."



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