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Give examples of how to relate to different people and rules of polite society. (apple game)


Two apples, (a fresh one and a slightly bruised one)


• Sit the Ladybirds in a circle
• Have a short discussion with the Ladybirds about treating everyone with respect and being polite.
• Examples of different people can be mum, dad, siblings, teachers, guards and Ladybird leaders.
Follow this with the following activity
• Pass the bruised apple around the circle first, asking the girls to say one mean thing about it.
• Then pass the fresh apple around asking the girls to say one nice thing about it.
• When everyone has had a chance to speak, cut the apples into two.
• Explain to the girls about how saying bad/mean things to a person won’t have an effect on their outside but can really hurt and damage them on the inside.

• If possible, why not watch the following video or read the story and discuss.
• The Proper Penguin – The Story of B Polite Excerpts from the Author. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RkKQo_eG58


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