IGG Free Being Me Session 5 Plan your Take Action Project* (7-10yrs)

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Participants share what they have learned during Free Being Me about body confidence, taking the lead to show others that there isn't just one way to be beautiful.


large paper
planning template sheet


A key aim of Free Being Me is to spread the body confidence message as far as we can, beyond those who have the opportunity to enjoy the whole programme.

So, for each participant to earn their Free Being Me badge, they should:
Reach at least two other people aged 7-14.
Spend at least one hour sharing their messages with these people.

What to do
This is the most exciting session yet, because we are planning how we can take action, and spread the messages we’ve learned from Free Being Me far and wide!

Explain the four main steps to making change happen:

See the Change: We will understand the difference we’re trying to make, and what it can mean for other people.
Plan the Change: We’ll decide on what we’ll say to make a difference, and plan what we’ll do to give people the message
Make the Change: We’ll put our plan into action!
Share the Change: We won’t stop there – we will think about what we can do to keep the message going, and share what we’ve been doing with other Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world.
This session is all about the first two steps: See the Change and Plan the Change. We’ll then put our plan into action to Make the Change, and spend a little time afterwards thinking about Sharing the Change.

See the Change – 20 mins
This is our chance to think big. What if every girl or boy in our country, or even the whole world,understood, like you do, that there is more than one way to be beautiful, and that what’s on the inside of a person matters more than what’s on the outside?Lead small groups to discuss these questions together:

How do you think each person would feel if they understood that everyone is important and beautiful the way they are?
What would it mean to our whole community if everyone got that message?

Groups spend ten minutes creating a large drawing or mind-map to represent their ideas.Then give each group a minute to explain their ideas to the whole group. Make sure each participant has a chance to share an idea.Well done, those are amazing ideas. If we work together, along with all the other Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world who are taking part in Free Being Me, we really could make a huge difference!

Plan the Change
Now we have a big picture of what we want to achieve, we can think about how to make it happen.

Our message – 5 mins

First of all, let’s work together to come up with the main things we’ve discovered from Free Being Me that that we want to share with other people to improve their body confidence
Ask the group to think back to each Free Being Me session:

What did we do?
What did we discover or find out more about?

Write down their answers on a large sheet of paper
– use one colour pen for what they did and another colour for what they learned.

Here are some ideas to help:

“You are amazing just as you are.” “Be yourself!”
“I am beautiful and so are you!”

Then ask each pair to shout out their messages to the rest of the group, in quick succession.

Well done, they are all great messages!

Put the T-shirt messages up on the wall for everyone to see. They can be used to help create the group’s action plan, and come in useful during the action itself, perhaps to use as part of an invitation or poster.
Why not share your messages on www.free-being-me. com, and be inspired by messages from others around the world?

T-shirt message – 10 mins

A great way to start a conversation is to share your message on a T-shirt for everyone to see! Just imagine if we all walked around our town together, wearing T-shirts that had a message on them, people might ask what it meant. If you wanted to get people’s attention, to get them talking about what we’ve learned from Free Being Me, what would your T-shirt say?

Ask participants to work in pairs and spend five minutes designing their own T-shirt message.
It may be helpful for leaders to work with each group to ensure they know what to do and create appropriate messages.

Action Plan – 30 mins

Now we’ve imagined what the world would be like if everyone felt free to be themselves, without worrying about the way they look. You know the messages you want to tell people, and our T-shirt messages will help us get people talking. It’s time to decide what our Take Action project will look like and who we would like to reach in our community.This is the really fun bit, where you get to let your imaginations go wild!Encourage participants to take the lead, and make their Take Action project their own.

Get planning:

If small groups want to work on their own Take Action projects, this is where they can start planning. If you’re planning a whole group Take Action project, small groups could come up with different ideas then hold a vote to decide the final project.

Use or adapt the planning template on sheet 5.1 to help participants think through what they want to achieve and how to make it happen.

Try to have the planning chart completed by the end of the session, and a list of the practical details that need working out.

If you have small groups working separately, take the time to go through their plans and check they have the support they need. Ask them to share their plans with the other groups before you finish the session.

If your whole group is working together, encourage as many participants as possible to practise their leadership skills by taking responsibility for different parts of the project.

Well done everyone, we’re so excited about this Take Action project, and we can’t wait to start our very own body confidence revolution


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