81 Hot Air Balloon

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Challenge: Build and fly a hot air balloon. Taken from the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 81


• 16 sheets of tissue paper 50cm x 75cm
• Water based glue or Pritt stick
• Hair dryer or hot air paint stripper


You might be used to talking a lot of hot air, but now use it to create a hot air balloon.

• Glue together two 50cm x 75cm sheets of tissue paper to make one 50cm x 150cm sheet.
• Avoid leaving any gaps in the glue and make a 1cm overlap between the sheets.
• Make up 8 such sheets.
• Lay all 8 sheets on top of each other and cut to the shape shown.
• Glue the first and second sheets along the curved edge.
• Repeat with sheets 3 & 4, 5 & 6, 7 & 8. If you use a water based glue, you make need to leave the balloon till next week to allow the glue to dry (otherwise sheets will stick together, where you do not want them to).
• Now glue the straight edge of sheet 2 to sheet 3. Repeat with sheets 4 to 5, 6 to 7.
• Fold round the stack of sheets so that you can glue the straight edge of sheet 1 to sheet 8.
• A circular patch is used to seal the top of the balloon.
• Inflate the balloon with a hair dryer or paint stripper making sure that you do not allow the balloon to touch the heat source as it will go up in flames.
• The balloon will rise to the ceiling if you do this indoors. (Or float away if you try it outdoors on a calm day.)

Tips / Advice:
Buying different coloured tissue paper can produce colourful designs.

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment:
• Do not touch the tissue paper with the hair dryer or paint stripper as the balloon will go up in flames!
• Do not leave the hairdryer or paint stripper on unattended.

For full details and diagram see the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 81


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