IGG Free Being Me Session One Welcome to Free Being Me (7-10yrs)

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Welcome to Free Being Me




Around the world, people are valued for many different reasons and beauty is defined in many different ways. So why does our society promote a narrow look as the only way to be beautiful? Participants will find out how to spot the look promoted in society, and experience alternatives from around the world and their own community. This session prepares participants to challenge the idea that everyone should try to look a certain way and encourages them to recognise their strengths that aren’t tied up with appearance.

Please see Session Map in file attached.

Introduce Free Being Me to your group. Explain that

For the next five sessions we’re going to try some activities to learn how we can feel more confident about the way we look. Feeling proud and happy about the way you look is called body confidence.

Free Being Me is all about you. You will be coming up with your own ideas about how to help other people be body confident.

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts all around the world are taking part in Free Being Me. Everybody will be sharing the messages they learn with others to start a body confidence revolution - if all the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in the world took part, that would be 10 million voices changing the world!

By completing the activities and taking action to share our messages we’ll earn the Free Being Me badge.


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