IGG Free Being Me Session 3 Take Part Pledge* (7-10yrs)

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Every participant agrees out loud to actively take part and have fun in this session of Free Being Me. This verbal commitment helps participants to contribute more openly, resulting in a bigger impact on their body confidence.




Bring the group together.

In this session of Free Being Me, we’re going to learn about the messages the media send to make people feel there’s only one way to be beautiful.
Because we know that’s not true, we’re going to speak out against it by making our own media and show people around the world that it’s good to be unique.

What to do
Bring the group together into a circle. Thank everyone for attending and ask them to shout their enthusiasm and willingness to participate in the first session of Free Being Me.

“Are you ready to get active, join in and share your ideas during this session of Free Being Me?

Shout: YES I AM


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