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WELL KNOWN PARTNERS (find your other half)


 Sticky pads/paper
 Pins
 Pen


Great game for pairing up Brownies at the beginning of a meeting, for breaking the ice when girls don't know each other well, as everyone has an excuse to approach other Brownie and start talking.
Opening fun game as part of Interest Badge Brownie Cultural Diversity
• Write each half of well known partners onto sticky pads/paper in advance.
• Choosing well known partners that will be recognised by the Brownies.(see example list below)
• When the Brownies arrived, pin a name to their backs.
• At your signal, the girls mingle, asking questions about themselves which can only be answered by a "yes" or a "no"."Am I alive?" "Am I a film star?" “Am I male”
• While trying to guess who they are, they should also be looking out for their possible partner.
• Younger Brownies may need a Leader to give the odd clue or two along the way!
Example of partners
Buzz Light-year Jessie
Mr Potato Mrs Potato
Beast Belle
Mowgli Shanti
Pluto Fifi
Donald Duck Daisy Duck
Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse
Batman Robin
Charlie Brown Snoopy
Prince William Kate
Anthony Cleopatra
Torvill Dean


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