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Halloween Party


Crepe paper
Jelly worms
Toilet Rolls


Here are some ideas for a Halloween themed meeting

• Throw a Halloween fancy dress party for the Ladybirds.
• At this party you can have different stations.

1. Ladybird bobbing for apples.

2. Have bowls filled with different things. Keeping the bowls covered the girls have to feel and guess what’s inside the bowls

3. Ladybirds make ghost lollipops
Wrap tissue or crepe paper around a lollipop and draw a face on it.

4. Eat jelly worms
Ladybird Games for Fun (Halloween Jelly Worms)

5. Make Scarecrow Magnets
Ladybird Crafts for Fun (Halloween Scarecrow Magnet)
Games to play
(These can be found on OGM under the following headings)
Ladybird Games for Fun (Halloween Musical Zombies)
Ladybird Games for Fun (Halloween Toilet Paper Mummies)


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