91 Changing Rooms

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Challenge: Decorate a room in your church building. Taken from the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 91


• Paintbrushes
• Paint/emulsion
• Rollers & trays
• Dust/plastic sheets
• White Spirit (for cleaning brushes)
• Paint kettle/bucket
• Paint scraper (for cleaning off windows)
• Filler (if walls need filling before painting)
• Overalls (protective clothing or just old clothes!)


Ensure that you have permission to paint the room and of course choose a period of time when the room is not booked for any other purpose.

Think about.
• What colour(s) you are going to use? Does it need to be agreed with the appropriate church ‘official’?
• Do you need any training, there may be someone you know who is a professional decorator that could provide you with some tips?

When decorating you will need to make sure that the dust/plastic sheets are used so that the floor surface or any furniture is not covered in any paint. It is a good idea to fill the walls where there are cracks or holes and then wash them down before starting to paint.

Tips / Advice:
• Have some ‘WET PAINT signs on hand to warn any other people who maybe in the building whilst you are painting.
• Be careful when using step ladders or any form of scaffolding — ideally use rollers with extendable poles to reach high areas.

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment:
Allow enough fresh air into the room you are painting because of the fumes.

For full details see the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 91


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