93 Crazy Golf

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Challenge: In 30 minutes create an indoor ‘Crazy Golf Course’ and then compete in its inaugural golfing tournament. Taken from the BB Seniors Challenge Plus, Pro Pack, Challenge 93


• Golf clubs! putters
• Golf balls


If you think crazy golf is a bit tame, why not make you own? Before you build and play on your course you will need to consider:

• The room(s) the course will be in, and design it accordingly. Is the hall/room you want to use available and practical for you to setup your chosen Crazy Golf Course’ design?
• Think prior to the evening what equipment and resources you will need.
• Have a prize for the winner of the tournament.

Now avoid the bunkers!

Tips / Advice:
• Plastic/paper cups could be used into which the balls could be holed’.
• Remember golf balls are very hard, you can buy special golf balls for indoor! garden use to ensure you do not cause any damage!

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment:
• Make sure that your course does not have any unsafe / unsuitable obstacles.
• Depending upon equipment used to make the course, supervision and/or training may be required.

For full details see the BB Seniors Challenge Plus, Pro Pack, Challenge 93


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