QR Code Treasure Hunt

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A team based indoor or outdoor scavenger / treasure hunt for Explorers using pre-printed QR codes to access clues.


QR Code Generator via - http://www.classtools.net/QR/index.php
Laminator (if outside)
Quiz answer sheets
YP to provide one smartphone/tablet per team
QR Code Reader - lots available on app stores - i-nigma Reader is free and one of the best scanners for all device types.


A series of 20 codes are hidden in random locations around the local area. These are created using the Classtools QR Treasure Hunt Generator, see resources for link.

YP are put into small teams: each of these teams contained at least one person owned a mobile device (e.g. phone, IPod Touch) which could decode the QR codes (note: an internet connection is not required - the QR codes decode as text files).

Each code, when 'read' by the mobile device, turned into a quiz question - these can be scouting, general knowledge and/or provide clues to other QR code locations.

The first (‘introduction’) QR code is displayed at the start meeting place / camp site. This provides the overview instructions of how it works and how they record their answers. Each team scans it into their device and gets told to start hunting for the remaining QR codes. The teams of YP hunt around for the codes and fill in the answers to each question as each one was decoded. The completed answer sheets are handed in and the team with the most correct questions and answers wins!

Top tips
Make sure the YP are arranged into teams prior to the activity so that enough mobile devices are available (& charged);
Prior to the event, you will need to encourage YP to download a QR Code Scanning app onto their devices, it’s also worth mentioning that scanning the QR Codes generated in this style of hunt requires NO internet connection.
Provide a mix of relevant questions - some of which test existing knowledge, some of which require further research nearby
Keep a record of where you place each code - so they can easily be removed after the exercise has finished
If placing outside protect the codes by laminating the sheets.


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