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Crazy Obstacle Course


 Hat, gloves, coat
 Pair of large size wellies
 Chairs
 Skipping rope
 3 Sweeping brushes handles or pioneering sticks


This activity requires a reasonably large hall or outdoor space.
Use old clothes for this activity.

Depending on number of girls and space, you will need to place an obstacle every 10-20 metres.
Players: At least two teams of four
1. Place the old clothes in front of each team
1. When the whistle blows, the first girl in each team runs to put on a hat and coat, wellies, and gloves
2. Hop to the chairs
3. Use the chairs as stepping stones travel 5 metres.
4. Go over the first hurdle
5. Under the second hurdle
6. Over the third hurdle
7. Picking up the skipping rope and skip ten times on the spot
8. Leaving down the skipping rope, runs back to starting point.
9. Take off the hat coat gloves and willies before tagging the second Guide in her team.
10. Each team member completes the course
11. First team finished are the winner


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