Free Being Me Session One Group Guidelines (11-14 years)

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Before you begin, set up some group guidelines to help everyone feel comfortable and able to trust those around them.




Ask the group, including the leaders, to suggest and agree rules together. Once everyone is happy with the guidelines, write them up and display them in your meeting place.

Here are some examples:
We will do our best to actively take part and contribute
We will listen to other people
We will listen to the leaders
We will be kind to one another at all times
We will respect the opinions of others
We will ask a leader for help if something is worrying us

This is a great chance for participants to practise their leadership skills by negotiating with each other. Encourage everyone to take part in the conversation.

Remind the group about the guidelines at the beginning of every Free Being Me session.

If you already have group guidelines you want to use, take the time to discuss them with the group to see if anything needs updating or adding. If you don’t have group guidelines, they can be a helpful tool during other Girl Guide/Girl Scout programmes too.


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