Free Being Me Session One Beauty Around the world (11-14 years)

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Participants understand that there is no one perfect way to look; that beauty ideals are always changing over time and around the world. If we lived in another country, or another century, we might be encouraged to chase a completely different look.


World beauty facts from sheet one
signs saying true or false


What to do
Explain to the group that they will play a game to discover how ideas about beauty are different around the world and have changed over time.The aim of the game is to work out which of the world beauty facts are true and which are false. (In fact, all the statements are true! But don’t tell your group that before they start!)

Mark one side of the meeting space ‘true’, and the other side ‘false’-

Read out your favourite facts (the part in bold) from Sheet 1.

Players should run to the side of the meeting space that they think is right for each statement.

Once everyone has chosen a side, read out the information under the fact.

Remind them not to follow what other people do – they should decide for themselves!

Ask afterwards
Were you surprised that all the statements are true? Which were the most surprising?

We’ve just found out that people in societies around the world in the past and the present have had lots of different ideas about what is beautiful – now we’re going to turn to what our own society tells us is beautiful.


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