Free Being Me Session One Pressure at the Party: Defining the Image Myth* (11-14 years)

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Participants understand that the Image Myth is their society’s idea of what the ‘perfect’ girl* should look like. This is a myth (i.e. a false, made-up concept) because it’s impossible for anyone to achieve, and of course it’s not true that there is only one way to look beautiful. Once participants understand what the Image Myth is, they can have fun challenging it in lots of different ways throughout Free Being Me.


At least one fashion/celebrity magazine per group, pens and paper (1 per group).


What to do:

Ask participants to form small groups.
1) Who is the perfect Gloss guest? (5 mins maximum)

Explain to each group that they are event organizers for a brand new high-fashion magazine called Gloss. Their boss has asked them to organize a glitzy launch party and to come up with the ‘perfect-looking’ guest list. She wants all her guests to fit your society’s idea of the ‘perfect’ look for a girl.

Your boss wants all of Gloss magazine’s party guests to fit our society’s idea of the so-called ‘perfect’ look for a girl. So that you can describe the ‘perfect- looking’ guest to your boss, come up with the longest list of their appearance features you can (e.g. things about her hair, body, height and face).

Challenge them to come up with as long a list of appearance features as possible.

Give each group a selection of magazines to browse through to help them describe the “perfect” look

2) Create the list of appearance features for the ‘perfect-looking’ girl? Guest (7 mins)
While your small groups are creating their lists, set up a large piece of paper where everyone can see it and
write at the top of the page: The “’perfect-looking’ girl?”

3) Define the Image Myth (3 mins)
When you have finished creating a long list, read out every detail of every appearance feature on the list.

So the “perfect” looking girl is……
(read out all features on the list)

Actually in reality there is no such thing as the “perfect” looking girl. Instead, we call this look the Image Myth.

Bring the whole group together and invite participants to share the appearance features they came up with for the ‘perfect’ female guest. As they share, write all of the features up underneath the title on the page in as much detail as possible.

At a glance: Plan the guest list for a glitzy magazine launch party. Use magazines and a group brainstorm to come up with a long list
of appearance features that make up the Image Myth.


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