110 Supermarket Sweep

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Challenge: Find and purchase fairly traded goods that can be sold through a shop. Taken from the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 110


• Laptop for internet search
• Fairtrade catalogues
• Fairtrade Products


Locate and purchase suitable Fairtrade goods which you can market and sell through your shop over an agreed period of weeks. Have a look at www.fairtrade.org.uk, .traidcraftshop.co.uk, and other similar sites for ideas. The profit raised in that period could be given to a charity.

Think about:
• What will sell well?
• What profit margins can you make?
• How will you get lots of people to buy from your shop?
• How will you educate people about Fairtrade?

Tips / Advice:
• You will need to keep careful financial records and a suitable secure facility will need to found to store the shop between opening times’.
• You could do it as a tuck shop and add healthy alternatives like nuts etc. Alternatively you could run a supermarket which sells food such as rice, sugar, tea etc.
• Why not discuss and learn what makes a product fairly traded?

For full details see the BB Seniors Challenge Plus Pro Pack, Challenge 110


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