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Understanding how widespread Scouting is and how big the world is- This can be used as an introduction to completing the international Activity Badge and World Challenge badge. this can be used with Beavers and Scouts and adapted to ability.


Passport to the European union Wall map & 'passport' booklets
List of world organisation of Scout movement
World Badge print out
World badge Worksheet


Cubs complete the first page of the 'passport' with personal details
Using the Stickers provided in the 'passport' the cubs select the flag of a country they have visited and stick this on the Map, if they haven't visited another country they can select a country they have heard of.
Once all the Cubs have placed a flag sticker on the map (in small packs Cubs can have several go's) using the list Cubs are to identify which Countries are part of the Scout movement.
Cubs then discuss the World badge and offer suggestions to the meanings of each part of the World badge .


  • international awareness
  • scouting around the world
  • world scout badge
  • world scouting

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