Free Being Me Session Two Take Part Pledge* (11-14 years)

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Every participant agrees out loud to actively take part and have fun in this session of Free Being Me. Saying it out loud means participants will contribute more openly, resulting in a bigger impact on their body confidence.




Every day, children and young people are bombarded with images and messages from the media. TV shows, advertisements and magazines in particular push the Image Myth and contribute to the pressure we feel to follow it. Exposure to a ‘perfect look’ shown in magazines has been shown 1to reduce body- confidence. This session gives participants a chance to take the lead and challenge this, producing a TV piece to expose the truth behind the Image Myth, and create their own magazine that’s designed to boost body confidence!

Once you have introduced Free Being Me, thank everyone for attending and ask them to shout their enthusiasm and willingness to participate in the second session of Free Being Me.

Are you ready to get excited and contribute to this session of Free Being Me, and have fun along the way? If so, shout YES I AM


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