Free Being Me Session Two Breaking news on Body Confidence* (11-14 years)

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Participants challenge the Image Myth and come up with positive alternatives in their own words


Sheet 2.1


What to do
1) Create a press statement (15 mins)

This activity gives you the chance to work together and let your creativity go wild.Remember in the last session you decided to leave Gloss magazine . You will now make a press statement (a message that is sent out to the media) to tell the world why you decided to leave Gloss magazine and why trying to look like the Image Myth is a waste of time!

Here are the three things your press statement should include:

Tell other girls or boys what the Image Myth is and how it’s promoted to us.
Talk about the downsides that come from trying to match the Image Myth and why you decided to leave Gloss magazine.
Give girls or boys advice about what they could say or do to fight the pressure to look like the Image Myth.

When people who work in the media need to get a point across, they need the skills to communicate their message in a strong and clear way. When you’re

Give participants 15 minutes in small groups to prepare their press statement. Give out Sheet 2.1 – not to use word-for-word, but to help them with their ideas.

2) Host your press conference (15 mins)
Ask each group to read/perform their press statement to the rest of the group. They should sit at the front of the room forming a panel.
To keep everyone involved, ask the audience members to play reporters and jot down the key messages that jump out at them while they are watching the press conference. Make sure each group gets a round of applause after their press conference.

Well done on such creative and fun press statements! Can anyone share any of the messages you wrote down while watching the press conferences? What were your favourite challenges to the Image Myth?

If your group needs prompting to get them going, try the ideas in Sheet 2.1

If working with a big group, when it comes to performing split the group in half so everyone performs to half of the big group.


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