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To look at how membership organisations promote themselves to attract new members and use this knowledge to encourage young people to join their local company. Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Skills, Creativity Media B3. Introduction: Many BB Companies would benefit greatly from increased publicity about their activities. This topic looks at involving the young people in promotion of their own Company through reflection on its activities and selling points. Remember don’t be shy about advertising the great work that you do.


Activity 1
Adverts from magazines

Activity 2
• Pens
• Paper
• Access to laptop or PC
• Digital camera
• Photo library


Activity 1 - Adverts/Adverts/Adverts

Aim: To consider why membership organisations advertise themselves.

• Collect a wide range of advertisements from magazines and newspapers and distribute them around the room in which the young people are meeting.
• What is the common bond between them? They are all trying to sell something.
• Comment on any particular features — imagery, logos, slogans etc.
• How would the young people advertise the BB?
• Look at an image of the Anchor and strapline. Is this appropriate”, can the group develop a new strapline?
• If the group were to advertise their own company, what things would they need to consider?

Activity 2 - Company Advert

Aim: To design a recruiting poster for your own Company.

Ask the young people to think about the following:

• What are the best things about SB? Leaders need to be open and receptive to answers.
• If you were to ask a friend to come to SB, what would you say?
• Think carefully about the Company and all its age groups. What attracts a younger member? What things have kept your interest?
• Look at some of the recruiting posters that are available from RB supplies — Do they reflect your Company?
• What images are there for your own Company? If there are none suitable, can you arrange for some to be taken? (It may be that some of young people could arrange to visit another section and photograph activities.)
• Now that young people have had some discussion about the way they might advertise the company, it’s time to design an advert. Remind the young people to use images and keep text simple and attractive.
• Finally arrange for posters to be used in church, distributed to friends at school etc.

Tips / Advice:
If this activity is seeking to recruit new members ensure that other leaders are aware and that all other necessary preparations are completed to welcome potential new members. You must be able to cope with all the new members.

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment:
Be aware that consent is required to use photographs of young people.

For full details see the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Skills, Creativity Media B3


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