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A high energy wide game


Large items that can be carried, i.e. staves, cones, balls, sauce pans
Two cones
A large area


To start one team are the defenders and the other the attackers (wearing high-viz).
The defenders have their ‘Loot’ in their base (a cone) which they are trying to defend against the attackers.
The attackers attempt to storm the base and capture as many bits of loot as possible without being tagged. If they are tagged they go back to the start.
The attackers grab loot and then run or sneak back to their base (also a cone).
Once the attackers have loot in their base the defenders can try and get it back.
A person carrying loot must give up their loot if they are tagged and hand it over to the tagger. The tagger then returns the loot to their home base.
Loot cannot be thrown or passed between team members.


  • wide game

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