IGG Free Being Me Session Four Personal Challenge Mirror Mirror* (11-14 years)

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By sharing their Mirror Mirror challenge, participants raise their body confidence by practising saying out loud the things they like about themselves and creating a culture of girls being proud of their bodies and who they are.


Participants completed Mirror Mirror Sheets


What to do
Well done to everyone for doing your Mirror Mirror activity and thinking about the things you like about yourselves and your bodies. Now we’re going to share these with each other!

Remember that thinking positively about your bodies is really important and we want to create a revolution where girls feel confident to speak out about what they like about their bodies and who they are. It takes practice, but reminding yourself about the things you
like about yourself and your body is a great way to help beat the Image Myth.

Play a grouping game. Ask everyone to move quickly around the meeting place.
The aim is for participants to get into groups as quickly as possible when they hear a leader shout out a number – for instance, a leader shouts “three!” and everyone gets into groups of three people.

In these groups, participants should share one of the things they like about themselves from their Mirror

Have at least three rounds of grouping, so everyone can share at least one feature from each list.
The grouping game sometimes leaves people remaining once the groups are formed – their job is to run to any group, and say their favourite thing first!

Participants should just say the feature they like – they don’t need to give reasons why!

Well done, it’s great to hear so many positive things from you!

How did it feel to be positive about yourself?
Why is it good to practise thinking about and saying what you like about yourself?

Mirror list. Encourage them to say it as: “I like my…”

Each time new groups are formed, before they start sharing, tell them what you would like them to share – something they like about…

Their personality.
The part of their body that lets them do things they like.


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