C2 Music in Worship

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Aim: To encourage a wide range of music styles in contemporary worship. This is a good activity to bring in the Chaplain or a local preacher for. Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Skills, Christian Faith C2


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Aim: To learn more about selecting music for worship.


Below are some tips for worship:
• It’s best to have several young people looking at this topic because you get different perspectives, different voices, and fresh music.

• Perhaps you could invite new bands in your community looking for exposure to play at your worship.

• Break out of the expected time slots. Worship does not have to only happen on Sunday mornings. It can also happen on Wednesday evenings, Sunday afternoons or Saturday mornings. Maybe your group could offer a contemporary Sunday morning service after the normal scheduled service.

• The young people also need to be looking at what they want the atmosphere to be like, whether it’s going to be lively, reflective and whether they would like to be a praise party or youth service.

• Don’t label your contemporary worship as “alternative”, which translates as “less than”. Good contemporary worship is the worship of your community of faith.

• Think about adding multimedia components. Multimedia doesn’t have to mean expensive or complicated. Start by projecting hymn lyrics on an overhead projector. This encourages people to sing out instead of down. Think about projecting slides of interesting artwork during a meditation.

• Create programmes that are attractive to young families with small children. These worship services can be great opportunities — if children are welcomed and encouraged to stay.

• Choose hymns that are easy to sing. Complicated, plodding hymns bring the tone of your worship services down, shut out young children and people lacking confidence in their singing abilities. Try to make some of them child-friendly, and take special care to teach them to the children present.

• Have a somewhat predictable structure. Believe it or not, contemporary doesn’t mean that the order of service is radically different every week. It is comforting to many, especially those wary of coming to a worship service in the first place, to have something that feels familiar.

• Think embodiment How is your message embodied? Are people only encouraged to think, or are they asked to move, to feel, to sense? Do people get to dance to the wonderful music? Are there portions that engage our eyes through visual stimulation? Sharing taste sensations is another idea for worship, e.g. love feasts or communions of different sorts.

For full details see the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Skills, Christian Faith C2


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