TEAMBUILDING - Defuse the Bomb

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The objective of this blindfold activity is for teams to work together and communicate effectively to retrieve a bomb quicker than the other teams. This fun challenge focuses on communication and cooperation.


Rope to mark start line,
blindfold for each team robot
chair for the communicator
a ‘bomb’ in the activity area e.g. a mini football.


Teams of 3.
There are three key roles in each team.
-The first participant is the ‘Robot’. They stand blindfolded in front of the start line, facing out into the game area.
-Position participant two on the other side of the starting line facing away from the activity area. They are the ‘Communicator’.
-Participant three stands facing the activity area and observes the Robot. This participant must not talk – they may use any other communication method to indicate direction to participant two.
-Participant two must then verbalise these signals and guide the robot to retrieve the bomb.

Robot: Blindfolded, facing bomb, only participant permitted in the activity area.
Communicator: Faces away from activity area, must NEVER observe the robot.
Observer: Faces activity area, cannot talk at all


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