F3 Film Review

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Aim: To develop the skills needed for the young people to undertake a film review. Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Skills, Interests.


Activity 1
• List of latest films being shown in the local cinemas
• Or a list of films on DVD

Activity 2
If you are watching a DVD on your meeting premises:
• DVD Player & Television
• DVD Player, LCD Projector, Speakers and Projector Screen
• Pen
• Paper


Activity 1 - Picking a Suitable Film to Review

Aim: To choose which film Is to be reviewed.

• This first activity is to determine which film is to be watched and then reviewed, It is really important that the film chosen is of the right age rating for the young people undertaking the review so leaders will need to ensure that this is acceptable.

• If the chosen film is to be watched at the local cinema then showing times of the film, the price and how to get to the cinema plus which leaders are available must be decided upon.

• If you are going to watch a DVD on your meeting night then make sure that forward planning is undertaken. The length of the film will also need to be noted.

• There is also a need to give some indication of what the young people should be looking for in a film.
Below are some ideas:
— Who were the main characters and how did they portray their role?
— What was the storyline?
— Did the film ‘flow’ in its content?
— Relationships between characters, e.g. racism, jealousy, anger, etc.

Tips / Advice:
Make sure that parents are informed if you are going to a cinema and what film is being watched and for what reason.

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment:
Make sure that there are enough leaders for the number of young people going to the cinema.

Activity 2 - Watching the Film

Aim: To watch the chosen film.

• Watch the chosen film either at the cinema or at your meeting premises.
• It may be useful to provide the young people with a pen and paper to enable them to make notes.

Tips / Advice:
If you are watching a film on your meeting night you could provide some popcorn, sweets, drinks etc.

Activity 3 - Reviewing the Film

Aim: To share the young people’s reviews of the chosen film.

• This activity is to share what the young people thought of the film. Notes could have been made by the young people before this and those notes shared, or you could have a discussion with the group to find out their collective views.
• Some sample questions that could help with reviewing the film could be:
— Who were the main characters and how did they portray their role?
— What was the central focus of the story?
— Did the film ‘flow’ in its content?
— What was the best part of the film?
— What was the worst part of the film?
— Was there any part of the film they did not understand?
— Would you recommend the film to other young people to watch and why?

Tips / Advice:
Give examples of a film critic’s review from a local newspaper so young people can see the style.


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