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Aim: To teach young people how to play an instrument and be part of a band. Introduction: These areas of work (bugling, piping, drumming, B’ flute, musicianship) fall outside the format in which other topics are presented. For a young person to become proficient it is anticipated that this is an ongoing process and there is a progression of skills and ability. Each of the topics has been split into four levels of activity. These could reflect the four years of the Discover programme, but young people will naturally differ in their rate of progress. As explained within the Award Zone of the Programme Pack, points towards a badge correlate to time spent on the activity. No more than 4 activity points can be awarded for any one topic. All of the topics on bandwork can be found on the CD accompanying this programme pack. Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Skills, Interests G.


Instruments as required


The topics include:
• Bugling! Brass Instruments / 9 Trumpet — Practical 03
• Bass & Tenor Drum — Practical . 0.
• Snare Drum — Practical
• Drum - Theory
• Bagpipe — Practical
• Bagpipe — Theory
• B’ Flute — Practical
• B’ Flute — Theory
• Band Music

See the Discoverer CD also refer to the Band book available from BB supplies.


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