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An activity based on the latest electronic game. Ideal item for a themed or non uniform evening. Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Skills, Interests J2 The young people will usually be able to identify games that would be enjoyed by everyone, but make sure that the age ratings on all games are checked. It may be possible to get one of your young people to bring in a console and/or games if you do not have the equipment.


Computer console and controllers
A multiplayer game


• The best way to involve lots of young people is to create a tournament. First you need to find a suitable game that will only last a few minutes per round. The best games tend to be racing or sports games. Obviously the more people that can play at once the better. There are different ways of playing and rotating the players:

— Winner stays on — is the easiest system to set up, simply the winner gets to keep playing. You may find however that one of the young people is a lot better than everyone else and then it may be necessary to state that you can’t stay on for more than 3 consecutive rounds.
— League — this takes some more planning but ensures that everyone gets the same number of turns. The number of games played should obviously be tailored to the situation.
— Tournament — this system works in a classic knockout style whereby the winner of each round goes through to the next level until there is only one person left. You may find however, that some of the young people become restless if they are knocked out in the first round. In that case it is worth setting up a wooden spoon trophy for the losers of the first round.

Tips / Advice:
• Keep the rounds short and ensure that there are swift change overs to keep everything moving.
• If there is a favourite game that the young people enjoy, why not set up a section wide knock out tournament that can be played over the session.

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment:
As with all electrical equipment, always make sure that there are no drinks that may get spilt nearby.

For full details see the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Skills, Interests J2


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