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 One coin per Guide
 Book per Patrol


These are a few fun icebreakers for start of a Unit meeting


Stand Up

1. Guides pair up
Each pair sits on the floor, back to back, with elbows interlinked
2. Then tries to stand up.
3. When you have mastered this, you can try it with 4 people, then 6 or 8

1. Walk the full length of the hall with a book on your head
2. The Guide who walks the furthest become the Unit champion

Roll a Penny
1. Mark a starting line and see who can roll a penny the furthest

Two feet, two hands
1. Guides get into groups of three.
2. The challenge is for the group to get themselves from one end of the room to the other with only one pair of hands and one pair of feet touching the floor.


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