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Aim: To develop an understanding of the variety! style and content of newspapers. Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Skills, Life Skills N2


Activity 1
• Sufficient copies of the same newspaper

Activity 2
Sufficient copies of the different newspapers

Activity 3
• Word processing facility
• Digital camera


Activity1 - Newspaper Knowledge

Aim: To introduce the topic of newspapers and look at the different Information they contain.

• Ask the young people to name as many newspapers as possible.
• Can they put them in categories? e.g.
— local I national
— weekly! daily
— tabloid / broadsheet
• Have examples to show.
• Split the group into pairs and give each pair a copy of the same newspaper.
• Ask questions which the young people have to search the newspaper for answers to (award points for first team). Select questions from different sections.

Tips / Advice:
• A local newspaper can be useful for the quiz activity.
• Check some newspapers for suitability of content.

Activity 2 - Same Story ??

Aim: To look at how different newspapers cover the same story and to see if a particular type of content is more likely to appear.

• In pairs ask young people to search a newspaper for stories of a particular type, e.g. stories to do with crime, violence, stories about young people, good news stories.
• Why do the young people think some types of stories are more prevalent?
• Are young people portrayed positively?
• Prepare beforehand by selecting a story about the same incident from two different newspapers. Have copies for each pair. Do the stories reflect the incident in the same manner? Compare the headlines? Is some reporting more sensational? If so, why do young people think this is the case?

Tips / Advice:
• Look for a news story that has contrasting reports in different newspapers.
• Check some newspapers for suitability of content.

Activity 3 - Over to You

Aim: To write a short article on an event to submit to the local newspaper.

• Select an event worthy of a newspaper report (adventure activity, visit, fundraiser, etc.).
• Appoint your young people as journalists to report on the event.
• Appoint somebody else to photograph it.
• Interview key participants.
• Compile a short report that could be submitted to the local newspaper (most have electronic means of doing this).

Tips / Advice:
• Young people need to know about this in advance to prepare for photography, interviews etc.
• Make sure the young people know there is no guarantee that their work will get in the newspaper.

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment:
Obtain permission before submitting photographs.

For full details see the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Skills, Life Skills N2


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