Making a moving junk model car

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Make a vehicle out of junk and see how far it will travel


glue/glue gun
duck tape
Blu tac
elastic bands
kebab sticks
felt tips

milk/juice cartons
pop bottles
lolly sticks
Cereal cartons
Jam jar lids
pringles tubes

ramp, e.g. a bench that has been raised at one end.


Working in patrols the scouts are to build a vehicle out of junk that moves.
Points will be given to team working and involving all members of the team.
Points will be given for creativity and artistry.
Your patrol will have 60 minutes to design and make the model.
Then the vehicles will be tested. They will be placed at the top of the slope and we will measure how far they travel.
There will be points for distance and for how well the models stay together.


  • challenge
  • competition
  • creative activity
  • junk
  • model
  • teamwork

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