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Aim: To Learn the rules and techniques of pool. Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Recreation, Sports and Games F1


Activity 1, 2 & 3
• Pool cues
• Pool table


Activity 1 - The Rules

Aim: To learn the main rules of the game.

1. There are 15 coloured balls and a white (cue ball) on the table.
2. The balls are set up as per the diagram and the black ball should be centred over the spot. The white ball can be positioned anywhere behind the baulk line for the break.
3. The object of the game is to win by potting a group of colours, in any order and in any pocket; followed by the black in any pocket.
4. The first player breaks, from anywhere behind the baulk line.
5. If no ball is potted then it is the other player’s go.
6. The other player can try and pot either colour; this is a free table.
7. It stays a free table until a ball is legally potted.
8. Once a ball has been potted then it is a foul to hit first or pot the other person’s colour.
9. It is also a foul it the white ball is potted; if the black ball is potted out of turn then the player loses the frame.
10. If a player fouls they lose their turn and the other player gets 2 turns, unless he fouls of course.
11. Straight after a foul they have the option to move the ball back behind the baulk line and take their 2 turns if they feel this to be more advantageous.

There are sometimes some regional differences in the rules used for pool. However these are the world rules for English Pool.

Activity 2 - Killer Pool

Aim: To practise potting.

1. This game is played individually.
2. The aim of the game is to pot a ball on every go. If a player fails to pot or foul then they lose a life. Every player starts with 3 lives and the winner is the last player with any lives left.
3. The balls are racked in the triangle (it doesn't matter what order they are in) and the first player breaks as normal.
4. If they pot then it is the second player’s go, if not then they lose a life and must shoot again to try and pot. Players keep taking it in turns (following the order); until there is a winner or all of the balls have been potted.
5. If the balls are potted then they are re-racked and the next player in the line has to break.

Tips / Advice:
Get the young people to think about where they might try and leave the cue ball so that They make it as hard as possible for the next person to pot a ball.

Activity 3 - Pool Tournament

Aim: To play a pool table.

• Play a round robin tournament.
• Write up all the games.
• Play The tournament.

Tips / Advice:
• Have a prize for the winner.
• Have some other activities for those waiting to play or create some atmosphere by letting them watch.


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