Stop Motion Movie Makers

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Cubs create their own stop motion films and film posters for the Digital Citizen Stage 2


Felt Tips
Models for animation


In sixes
1)Storyboard a short film using paper, pens and felt tips.
2)Take the photos for the stop motion film. (Take a photo then move something a small amount and then take another photo)
3)Import the photos onto the computer.
4)Using panolapse stitch the photos together into a short video clip.
5)Using a video editing software add some titles, credits and background music.
6)Save the video.
7)Have a look at film posters for films they have seen to get ideas for what they could include on theirs, and why they are used. Save some posters as PDF's to the computer.
8)Create a film poster for the film they have just made (making). Use some of the photos that they took last week for the video and what they have learnt from their earlier research.
9)Save the DVD cover and film to the cloud and share the link so that they can show their parents at home.
10)Email the share link to their parents so they can see it at home.



Badge Links

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  • Skills - Creative
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