Viking Game of HnĂștukast

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A Viking game played in the longhouse after the evening meal was HnĂștukast. In the game, players threw bones (presumably left over from the meal) at objects to try and knock them.. In this version Cubs throw bean bags with at mini bowling pins with the intention of knocking them over


2x Balls or Bean Bags per Six/Team
4x Empty drink bottles or min bowling pins per team/Six


1. Line the Cubs up at one end of the hall in their Sixes and give each Six 2 Balls or Bean Bags
2. At the other end of the hall set up the bottles or bowling pins up in front of each Six
3. Each member of the Six takes in turn to try and knock over as many of their bottles as they can using the 2 balls
4. After each Cubs turn reset the bottles to their original location
5. Record 1 point for each bottle knocked over
6. Winning Six is the Six with the most points


  • bowling
  • Vikings

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