Make a Pulley

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Challenge Beavers to transport a sweet across the room without moving. Then show them how to make a simple pulley to achieve this.


Per team: String, scissors, two spools, two pencils/pieces of dowelling, small pegs, wrapped sweets. For spools, we recycled the reels from gift ribbon - using recycled materials meant we could count this towards our Creative Activity badge.


Cut a long length of string and tie the ends together to make a large loop. Push a pencil or length of dowelling through each spool and thread the loop of string around each spool. Two Beavers take a spool each and stand apart so that the loop of string is stretched out. Peg a sweet onto one end of the loop of string. A third Beaver pulls the string so that the sweet travels from one spool to the other.


  • machines
  • Pulleys

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