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- Activities to explore and reinforce how to be safe outdoors, at camp and when cooking


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Stick/bamboo piece


Matching Game: (page 149 of girls programme book)
- Hand cards out randomly, on go Guides need to find their partner to complete their sentence/statement
- Give patrols the second half of the sentence (the 'to avoid...') side, leader reads out the first half and first patrol to jump up and read out the correct second half earns a point
- Hide the cards, find and match together

Camp Safety Sorting Cards:
- Challenge - girls to sort the cards into two sets - General Camp Safety and Cooking Safety - link to knot tying skills by including in the challenge to tie one set on to a stick/bamboo piece using a round turn and half hitch, the other set on to another stick/bamboo with a different knot that your girls know



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