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Go for a mystery walk in your local area. Draw a map of where you went - Added by GGNZ National Programme Team


Per Patrol: A coin, a pen, paper
Any materials for the activities/challenges you decide to incorporate in your mystery walk


Learning Goal: To be aware of surroundings, where you are going and where you have been
Encompasses all five elements of the Educational Method
Opportunity for girls to take the lead – Be seen in the community and supporting others

Let a coin determine your destination

For this activity, you need to spilt your girls into smaller groups and ensure that each group has adult supervision. Take your girls on a “toss a coin” walk. At each corner of junction, toss a coin. If it lands “heads”, turn left, and if it lands “tails”,turn right. If there isn’t a left of right turn, continue straight ahead. See where you end up. While on the walk, practice “Scouts Pace” by walking a certain number of steps and then jogging the same number of steps, then walking again. Make sure the adult supervisors know their time limit. Allow time for each group to tell the other girls where they have been when they return to your meeting place and/or to draw a picture of where they went on there walk. Talk about road safety before you leave, and ensure that girls practice their road safety while you are out.

- Give the girls a task to complete while on their mystery walk. They could collect various nature items, such as different shaped leaves, stones, etc, or they could make drawings of as many different letterboxes as possible, or they could record all the road signs and public signs they see, and discuss their meaning
- Include challenges on the way e.g. Can you find three public signs? Name four red things you spotted on your walk
- Plan a walk, prepare instructions for girls to open at each corner or key points on the walk that will tell them where to next – this could be to explore a specific something of your community e.g. historic walk/buildings
- Include corner challenges for girls to do before moving on, this will extend the length of your walk and add an extra fun element e.g. chocolate fondue on lightweight cookers, a sack race, hopscotch


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