G1 Gymnastics

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Aim: To build up the basic skills of young people in gymnastics. Introduction: This activity can only be run by a leader who is very experienced or who has undergone a recognised course to become a qualified instructor. If in doubt contact BB headquarters. The Sports’ Council recommends a “Level 4” coach. The BB runs suitable courses which take approximately 10-12 hours of instruction plus an examination. An assistant who does not need to be qualified would be very useful for supporting and general supervision. Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Recreation, Sports and Games G1


The following would be useful:
• 4-6 floor Mats (approx. 1.8m x 1.2m x 5cm)
• Vaulting Box
• Trampette
• 2 Safety Mats (approx. 2.3m x 1.5m x 50cm)
• A set of Wall charts for:
— Floor and Tumbling
— vaulting
— Pyramids for pairs such as those produced by the British Amateur Gymnastic Association (BAGA)


Gymnastics Taster

Aim: To Introduce basic gymnastic skills to the group.


• warm Up and stretching (5 minutes).
• Teach basic floor work only (forward/backward roll, headstand, handstand, cartwheel, crab bend — all with careful support, if required).
• Teach the correct use and safety aspects of a trampette.
• Run up and hurdle step.
• Trampette — safety mat work.

Once these skills have been covered (don’t worry how much time this takes) move onto the more advanced gymnastic skills.

• After a proper warm up and stretching activity, each lesson should Revise/Practise/Consolidate earlier skills, Gradually (perhaps after about 6 initial sessions) progress can be made.
• More advanced floor work including tumbling (see wall charts).
• Simple vaulting where some floor work can be transferred to the box, initially at low level.

Tips / Advice:
• Borrow a Gymnast, (plus their instructor) for an occasional demonstration, from a local gym club.
• Why not see if you can visit a local gym?
• Encourage your young people to do ‘Homework' strength exercises to build up their strength-to weight ratio.

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment:
• Young people should never use a trampette unless it is supervised by a qualified instructor.
• Only broad box (at half size) should be contemplated until basic vaulting has been mastered with minimum support — straddle vault, through vault, neck roll, head spring etc.
• Long Box is more advanced. It can be very successfully taught using the Half & Half’ method, i.e. Trampette to near end, then far end to safety mats.
• Risk/Safety Assessment — Plan your lesson carefully — Gymnastics can be dangerous but it is GREAT FUN!

For full details see the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Recreation, Sports and Games G1


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