German Spotlight

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Wide game best played in the dark with lots of cover, such as woodland


A touch per guard
A playing area in the woods or somewhere that has cover and an area that can be marked out as home.


Home is a clearing or area marked out - we often say from that tree, to that bush to that tree.
The German guards must remain in home, preferably in one spot (great excuse to sit in a camp chair and get some rest). Each guard has a torch, preferably high powered.
The prisoners (scouts) are given time to escape and hide. Their objective is to make their way to home without being caught.
The guards can only use their touch for a maximum of three seconds to flash into an area that they may think may contain an escaped prisoner (scout).
The prisoner is caught (the scout is out) if the guard can correctly identify and name the individual. Those out have to return to base and wait.

Variation - those caught out can join the guards.

This is a good way to learn names of scouts.

This is a firm favourite of our scout troop.

I assume the origins are Nazi prisoner of war camps.


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