Indoor Assault Coarse

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A basic assault coarse designed for Anchors or Juniors indoors.


Small chairs lots of
Bean Bags lots of
Cones lots of
Hula Hoops medium sizes
Activity ladder
Large blanket or Tarpaulin
Two wooden poles
A whistle and a stopwatch
A Kit bag


Create an assault coarse aimed at Anchors or Juniors age range with equipment listed, some can be substituted if items are not available.
A maze can be created using chairs, bean bags can be placed on the floor randomly to act as a minefield.
Cones can be placed at the start position and finish and also as a maze.
Wooden poles can be used as a hurdle to go under it or over it.
Hula Hoops can be used to thread yourselves through it or used as tread spots.
Activity ladder can also be used as a tread obstacle.
The blanket can be used to create a tunnel.
Two of the team members carry the kit bag through the assault coarse to the finish without dropping it.

This activity can be used either for competitive team points based on timings or just for fun no points.
In the interest of safety each obstacle must be secure or fixed and Boys must be supervised at all times.


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