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Aim: To get the young people to critically think about their group and how they could improve it. Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Community Local and National D2.


Activity 1
• 'What do you think?' template

Activity 2
• Flip chart pad
• Pens

Activity 3
• Have Your Say’ template
• ‘Youth Action Plan’ template
• Pen and Paper


Activity 1 - My BB

Aim: To get the young people thinking about their experiences of BB.

Survey (15 mins):
Carry out a survey of what young people in your BB group think. Give the What do you think?’ template to each young person and get them to fill it out individually. Collect the results and discuss with the group the results.

Agree or Disagree (10 mlns):

• Draw an imaginary line across the length of the room. Identify one end of the room as the place to go if you agree with a statement and the other if you disagree.

• Read out a statement, and ask the group to go to the end of the room that best reflects their opinion. The stronger they feel about the issue, the further they should go to the end of the room.

• After each statement encourage discussion about why they have chosen their position, and allow participants to move after they have listened to contributions.

• Choose from those below:
1. Young people are not interested in making decisions.
2. Children of today lack respect for their elders.
3. Young people don’t really get a chance to say what they think about the BB.
4. All young people have the right to say what they think and have their opinions respected.
5. The job of an officer is to lead, and the role of young is to follow.

• Encourage the young people to think that they can have a say and be responsible for shaping the BB.

Activity 2 - My BB

Aim: To get the young people to reflect on their company.

SWOT analysis (15 mIns):
• On a flip chart pad write down the left hand side SWOT.
• Do a SWOT analysis of the BB where you live, looking at its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Me and Decisions (10 mins):
• Write the following questions onto a flip chart pad or onto a wall or display board:
1. How are you involved in making decisions?
2. What else could you do?
3. What’s stopping you?
• Using post it notes get the young people to write their answers and stick it under the appropriate question.

Activity 3 - Turning Opinion into Action

Aim: To get young people thinking about what they can do In their company to bring about change.

If... (15 mlns):
• In groups of three to four get the young people to think about what they would do if they were given £200 from their company?
• Get them to give a presentation back to the larger group on their proposal.

Scenario (10 mins):
• Divide into small groups of between three and four.
• Give each group a scenario from the Have your say! template.
• Get them to think about what they would do and report back to the group.

Action (10 mins):
• Use the ideas that the young people come up with to demonstrate that you are listening to what they say.
• Try using the Youth Action Plan template to get them to plan what they want to change or do in the BB.

For full details see the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Community Local and National D2.


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