D3 Organise a BB Evening

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Aim: To organise a fun packed evening with activities determined by the young people themselves. Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Community, Local and National D3


Activity 1
• Paper
• Pens
• Flipchart if possible
• A4 paper

Activity 2
• Paper
• Pens

Activity 3
• This will depend on the final activities chosen

Activity 4
• Laptop with the digital images or recordings made of the evening


Activity 1 - Ideas

Aim: To survey and determine what activities are to be Included In the planned evening run by the young people.

• This first session is to think about what activities are to be included in the planned evening.
• Participation by the young people in determining what they wish to have in ‘their evening’ is at the heart of this task and supportive ideas and encouragement from leaders are vital.
• The role of a leader is to facilitate and guide only and not to have the final say on what the young people wish to do — issues of safety would be in the ‘guidance’ from the leader.
• The young people can either produce a survey sheet listing activities that could be part of the planned evening, or ideas can be drawn out of the members present and written onto the flipchart.
• The leaders should give some overall guidance regarding any safety issues that might arise from the list of ideas produced by the young people.
• Dependent upon the usual meeting time of the section the list of activities suggested should / could be prioritised by the members present.
• Once the ideas have been obtained the young people will need to consider a number of issues including timings, practicality, space etc. before finalising the activities to be undertaken.
• Once they have determined the ‘programme’ it needs to be shared with the other young people.

Tips / Advice:
After gaining the above information there should be a clear list of activities to plan in further detail.

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment:
The leaders will need to consider safety issues about the activities being held

Activity 2 - Planning

Aim: To look and plan In detail the chosen activities.

• From the list of activities that was compiled it will be necessary to look in detail at what will be required to make the evening happen.
• What equipment will be needed during the evening?
• How much space is required for each activity?
• How many activities are being held at the same time?
• Who is organising / running which activity?
• What are the timings for each activity?
• What are the leaders expected to do during the evening?
• Is there going to be a break for drinks and who is responsible for preparing them?
• It is vital to ensure that v4iatever activities have been finally chosen are viable and safe and this is something that the leaders will need to be involved with to make sure a good evening is held.

Tips / Advice:
Keep to the timing of this session and focus minds on the task in question.

Activity 3 - Delivery

Aim: To finalise and share the planned programme.

• The final programme for the evening should be shared with all the members to enthuse them and encourage a full turn out’ on the chosen night.
• Ensure that the date is set for the delivery of the evening’s activities.
• The evening could be recorded either by taking digital photographs or a digital recording so that this could form the basis for a review and evaluation in activity four.

Tips / Advice:
The staff should be supportive of what has been planned and the young people encouraged ensuring a really good evening is held.

Safety Issues / Risk Assessment:
Normal issues dependent upon the agreed final programme for the chosen evening.

Activity 4 - Evaluation

Aim: To review and Evaluation Any evaluate the delivered evening’s programme.

• This is the opportunity for the young people to review and evaluate the delivered programme.
• It is important that this activity is handled well by the leaders and that the young people should feel free to share constructive comments with each other.
• All the points and issues raised should be noted for future reference and copies given to the young people once they have been produced.
• The leaders should thank the young people and offer them support and encouragement for next time.

For full details see the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Community, Local and National D3


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