E3 My Church in the Community

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Aim: To discover, see and understand what their church does and its place & role in their local community. Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Community, Christian Faith E3


Activity 1
• Paper
• Pens or pencils
• flipchart

Activity 2
• Map of the local community
• Paper
• Pens

Activity 3
• Map of local area
• List of activities / facilities
• Flipchart
• Pens
• Paper


Activity 1 - What do I think happens in my Church ?

Aim: This first activity Is to find out what happens in my church.

• In order for the young people to look at their ‘church in the community’ a first step should be to discover, see and understand what happens each week in the life of their church.

• A flipchart could be used to list what they think happens each week on their church premises and this could be a good opportunity to invite the Chaplain or other appropriate leader in your church to . come along and share with the young people what groups, services etc. are held each week.

• The young people should then find out what happens in each of the groups, what ages they cover etc. and it would be an interesting exercise to then find out how many people are members! part of the groups listed, thus giving a total number of people coming onto the church premises each week.

• This could be done in the form of a survey sheet which is produced by the young people and given to each of the groups. A return date would be required.

• Once the young people have a clear idea of who and what groups meet and use the church premises, they can then look at the next activity.

Activity 2 - What facilities & activities are there in my Church ?

Aim: To look at the role and place of my church In my local community.

• This activity is to discover what role and place your church has in the local community.
• It would be useful to undertake some research of what facilities / activities are available in the local area for people of all ages and where they are situated.
• A list of those facilities / activities will need to be made.
• The location of those facilities / activities can then be marked on the map.
• The location of your own church will also need to be marked on the map.
• In the light of the information gained from the last activity about the activities, it should highlight how the activities are very much part of the community.
• Once all the information has been found, listed and marked on the map and in the light of the information gained from the last activity about the activities and groups that meet / happen in their own church, it should highlight how those activities are very much part of the local community.

Activity 3 - What role does my Church serve in my local community ?

Aim: To think about and look at how my church serves the local community and look for new opportunities involving the Church.

• Use this activity to see if there are any gaps in the activities that happen in their local community and to look at holding an event on behalf of their church that will make an impact / difference.
• There may be a particular cause that could be supported and may well result in a fundraising event to assist the work being undertaken.
• The young people should mind map their ideas and list them on a flipchart.
• There will need to be a final decision taken from the list produced.
• A date will need to be confirmed when the church premises are available.
• The event / activity will need to be carefully planned, some things to consider will be:
— How much space will be required?
— What equipment will be required?
— How many people will be needed to staff the event?
— How is the event going to be publicised?

For full details see the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Community, Christian Faith E3


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