Kho Kho - Indian Tag game

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Kho Kho / Ghost Tag (alternative name given by Cub Pack due to "ghosting" through the wall!)
A team tag game from India where teams attempt to tag the other team "out".




Form two teams.
One team is the chasers/taggers, one the runners/taggees.
Taggers form a wall across the playing area with a leader at each end, spaced out to allow a person to step between them and crouching down. Each tagger alternates facing direction: L^v^v^v^vL
One tagger is free to roam the playing area but cannot move through the wall - they can only go round it (hence the leaders to ensure no "bending of the rules"!). They can tag a team mate whose position they take in the wall (ie. they crouch down); the team mate sets off in whichever direction they were facing and becomes free to roam and attempt to tag.

The taggees are free to roam the playing area, including passing through the wall <carefully!> until they are tagged at which point they sit out.
Game continues either for a predetermined time as in traditional Kho-kho (variation being that taggees get number of points depending on players left) or the whole team is out.

Tactic is to try and spring traps by strategic tagging of teammates facing appropriate directions and using misdirection - tagging someone heading the opposite way to where you were headed for example.
Caution needs to be had when Young People pass through the wall that legs are not grabbed, feet do not accidently kick - there can be NO JUMPING through/over the wall - Leaders on each end of the wall ensure that suitable spacing is maintained between crouched taggers. for details as to traditional Kho-kho


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