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Aim: To get young people thinking about what they would like from a church service. Introduction: This topic is about organising a ‘Service’. This can be a normal morning, evening or contemporary service for young people. Taken from the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Community, Christian Faith F2


Activity 1 & 2
• Bible
• Music / Song Books
• Flip Chart Pad
• Pens
• Paper

Activity 3
• Depends on the final content of the service.

Activity 4
• Flip chart
• Pens
• Paper
• Post-it notes


Activity 1 - Planning the Service

Aim: To look at the planning of a service.

• The first key point is to ensure that your Chaplain is fully behind this activity if the service is to take place in your church on a Sunday morning or evening. If that is the case it is important that the young people are given the opportunity to fully participate in the whole service.

• There could also be the opportunity to have a specific youth service not necessarily held on a Sunday but at a time when the young people are more likely to attend. This could be on a weeknight or Saturday night.

• Most young people will respond to a more contemporary style of worship with mare modern songs, using drama or sketches, having the words of the songs projected, using video / DVD clips, and even having doughnuts and a drink’ go down well.

• The date will need to be set to give enough time for the service to be arranged and organised (probably at least 4-6 weeks in advance).

• The theme’ for the service will need to be decided.

• Bible readings, songs / hymns, drama / sketches, video / DVD clips etc. will need to be decided upon based on the chosen theme.

• You might like to think about the PA system, lighting and the setting in which the worship is to be held.

• This first activity will need to be carefully handled by the leaders in order that the young people will feel that they can openly suggest what can or could be in the service.

• It may well be that this first activity is about thinking about the ideas and what the service should be all about and this can then be developed much more next time. A flipchart could be used by the young people to list what they think are the important points and this is where careful leadership is crucial to make sure that the young people are listened to. Give opportunity to talk through what they all think are appropriate and choose the final ideas chosen.

Tips / Advice:
This is a really good opportunity for participation by all the young people.

Activity 2 - Organise Who Does What

Aim: To look in detail at the service and finalises the activity.

• This activity is to finalise the content and order of the service. The flipchart list made last time will need to be used.
• The gifts and skills of the young people will determine ‘who does what’. There will be some who are better at talking, reading, leading prayers, taking part in a drama, operating a PA system and lighting.
• Once roles have been determined then ‘practice’ will need to be undertaken,

Activity 3 - The Service

Aim: To undertake the service.

This activity is about undertaking the service which will be evaluated in activity four.

Activity 4 - Evaluation of Service

Aim: To evaluate service.

• This activity is for the young people to evaluate their service.
• This activity needs careful planning and leadership to ensure that all the young people have the opportunity to be able to comment and that they can all speak freely.
• This can be done either by using a flip chart where their comments can be listed or post-it notes which do not indicate which young person has written what.
• The comments made can then be used as a basis for further discussion, with the focus being on the positive points.
• Any ‘negatives’ will need to be turned into positives’ with learning points for the next time.
• The leaders will need to make sure that at the end of this activity the young people are positively encouraged and supported for future experiences.

For full details see the BB Company Section Discoverer Pro Pack, Community, Christian Faith F2


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