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05 Identify the Healthy Food Plate (Dinner Tray)


 Paper plates, cups, small bowls
 Plastic knives and forks
 A3 sheets of card
 Glue gun/strong glue
 Food pictures


Introduction – Dinner Tray
Introduce the Healthy Food Plate to your Ladybirds. The healthy food plate is designed to make healthy eating easier. Eat
foods from each group on the healthy food plate in the correct
amounts each day. This way, you’ll get the balance of energy and
nutrients you need for good health.

Note to Leaders
Glue plate, bowl cup and cutlery to A3 sheet
It is easier to prepare the “tray” before meeting, as this will allow more time for decision making and discussion.


1. Using a a pencil divide the plate into one half, and two quarters.
2. The half section represents the portion of vegetables on a healthy plate.
3. The two quarter sections represent protein and starch/grains respectively.
4. Give each Ladybird food pictures to cut and glue onto their plates making a healthy choice

Little Steps by HSE and Safefood: www.littlesteps.eu


  • food plate
  • food pyramid
  • grow and fly
  • healthy plates
  • Heathy eating
  • IGG
  • Mid West Regional Conference 2016
  • North West Regional Conference 2016

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