Scouts Against Malaria - Mosquito game.

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This game is part of the Scouts Against Malaria Badge - to illustrate how Malaria is spread




1. One person is the already infected sufferer. One person is a mosquito. Three people hold hands and have to catch the mosquito.
2. The rest of the Pack waits to be “bitten”, by moving about until the leader says "sleep" when they must stop moving until the Leader says "awake" when they start moving again
3.The mosquito “bites” (ie touches) the sufferer and must then touch as many other people as they can before the threesome (ie anti-mosquito measures) can stop him from moving and touching the people.
4. How many did the mosquito manage to touch before he was caught when the people were moving about?
5. How many did he touch when they were all pretending to be asleep and not moving about?
6. Alternatively see how many the mosquito can “bite” in a short given time, again when they are moving and when they are asleep.


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