Basic Compass Bearings

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Use a simple map of the UK and a compass to introduce Beavers to the idea of finding their way using a compass on a map.


- Simple map of the UK with a few major cities on it [file attached] - we also hand-write our own town on the map to help the Beavers understand where we are.
- a compass

If you're doing this with several groups at once, you'll need a map and compass per group.


With the map on the table, first ask the Beavers to identify North, South, East and West, and mark them on the map.

Then, using the compass, teach them to set the map to them compass [doesn't need to be precise].

Ask the Beavers questions like 'What direction would we need to travel to get to London?' and get them to work it out using the compass.

We run this as a 5-10 minute base on a map skills night, with the lodges moving round the bases; however, you could just do this activity as one big group or simultaneously in lodges.


  • compass
  • map

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