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Decorate a scout's face like a cake.

Game taken from Dave Tomlin Messtival resources. Thank you Dave.


Cake decorating supplies:
Icing (half a tub per person)
chocolate spread
paper bowls
mini marshmellows - kept until second part of the activity
flannels/buckets of water/shower
mop and bucket


One scout per patrol is the cake. His/her face is to be decorated like a cake.

Use various icing, chocolate spread, sprinkles, syrup, cherries etc, all put into paper bowls. Teams are given about 5 minutes to decorate each face with the winner being the team with the most artistic designs.

Part two
Have a load of small marshmallows kept to one side. Patrols to throw their marshmallows at the "cakes" from around 2 metres away. However gets the most marshmallows stuck in a set time is the winner.

Risk assessment
No running, the floor maybe slippy tonight, although try not to get stuff on the floor.
Beware of food allergies
Beware of eyes, perhaps the use of googles, particularly for the marshmallow throwing. No putting stuff in our around the eyes
Clean up spills as they happen


  • cake decorating
  • messy games
  • team building

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