HIke Preperation

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To give a brief overview for scouts to correctly prepare for a hike or expedition challenge
This is includes packing a rucksack and lacing of boots to stop blisters


Ruck Sack
Hike Boots
Heavy, medium and light items to represent kit
Blister Kit


In patrols spend 15 mins demonstrating how and where to pack items in a rucksack to enable correct weight distribution. Demonstrate how to adjust rucksack for maximum comfort over the distances required to walk.
Included in the 15 mins demonstrate how to use locking stitches to hold the foot in boots at various points to keep the feet still. Stress that each foot is different as well as each boot therefore the scouts will need to experiment with fit.
Quick demo of the blister patches and what they do.


  • fitness
  • 12 KM
  • accompanied walk
  • adventure walk
  • expedition prep
  • experdition
  • Hike and Trail
  • HikePrep

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